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Touro University Track

The Touro University Track will provide students with the opportunity to learn Jewish History and/or Hebrew Language in a fun and engaging way, while receiving college credits at the same time.

Introduction to Jewish History and Culture 

 An introductory survey to the breadth of Jewish civilization, with primary emphasis on Jewish history. Students will survey the three major periods (ancient, medieval and modern) and look at the development of Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and other Jewish ethnic groups. Major works in the Jewish literary tradition will be surveyed, including the Bible and the Talmud, and an anthropological look at the essential elements of the Jewish calendar and lifecycle will be provided. 3 credits.   Prerequisite: none.

Introduction to Hebrew Language: Learning Hebrew while exploring famous Israeli historical sites and places of interest.  This course will introduce students to the culture of Israel and many of the most interesting sites around the country.  Through this “ virtual tour” students will learn basic Hebrew/ Israeli expressions, terminology, and culturally rich ideas. Israeli geography, culture and places of interest will come alive for students through the language of the Bible and the Modern State of Israel.  There will be both asynchronous, as well as synchronous sessions.  This course will serve as the foundation for a more rigorous Hebrew language course in future semesters. 3 credits. Prerequisite: none.

Registration Opens November 2022
Courses Begin January 2023
$300 per Course | $50 Registration Fee
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